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Hello partners and customers, welcome to stirgi pvt ltd.Stirgi here like to announce and congratulate all its partners & customers on the acquisition of credito financial services, a company with its presence of pan India with the products and services of recharge and health.Very soon all the products and services will be fully incorporated in the stirgi referral system and you will have more products and services of daily to earns more. We are starting rebranding the recharge services, bill payment, money transfer and ticketing services business for you.Credito recharge and related business will be stirgi pay and credito health will be stirgi health card. Earning stirgi partner and customer.


Apna business 2022 is the plan of business for 3 year ending in 2022. In this stirgi has setup some goal for itself and partners and customers.

Stirgi pvt ltd now announces it's long time waited Apna Business 2022 plan for all its referral partners which will be adding more earnings to them. Stithi has planned following achievements to be achieved bt year 2022 working with all its referral partners for its referral partners.

1.Stirgi Pre-school Chain :

Stirgi has set set a target to open minimum 100 pre-school pan India. With special targeting on education based on vedic education system which include martial sports education, smart education without school bag and other sport and extra curricular activity.

2. Stirgi Store :

One of its kind stirgi will open minimum 300 store pan india in which stirgi will exhibit and sale its new tech fabric length and apparels made of it all age and gender groups at unbeatable pricing.

3. Stirgi Agro Store:

Stirgi will open minimum 500 store pan india in which stirgi will sale all organic agri and cattle feed products with gricultural equipment etc. At affordable and unbeatable quality & price.

4. Stirgi Innovation centre:

To encourage new inventors and entrepreneurs stirgi will be opening innovation centre partnering with peoples, innovators, investors, scientists etc. on pan India basis.

5. Stirgi Service Hub:

Stirgi is indirect talks to various individual providing service to people through app based services provider about how they are exploited by them.

Stirgi is working as a platform which will be 100% transparent 100% efficiency safe 100% secure 100% business oriented platform with target of business of minimum 50 crore in the first years.

6. Stirgi. Health care:

Stirgi Health care card is the card being marketed in the name of CHC with attachment of 3500 health care centre in all over india and a great client base. In this card stirgi provide health care benefit of 10% to 90% in the health services bill including OPD, IDP, Diagnostics and Pharmacy, health centre, aesthetic centre, beauty clinics, beauty parlours/studio, natural health centres, gyms, akharas(desi indian gyms) etc.

7. Stirgi Travel and Holiday :

There is a flood in Indian market of app based travel holiday services,but there is a few which are providing quality with satisfaction and for this they are charging very high, stirgi too believe in this that a high quality require payment and all the earning individual around world are ready to pay for it. Adding to the quality services, stirgi will be starting soon its app based out-station taxi services with promise of quality i.e. quality vehicle from inside and outside, quality drivers with all background check, online payment special package deal for certain few station one way trip services with zero tension for customers and driving partners also.

Thanks to Investors

Stirgi here now thanks to all its investors who believed in stirgi and are still standing shoulder to shoulder with stirgi to plan and set above targets and goals. Stirgi here also like to acknowledge all the new investors who want to invest in the stirgi with a promise of good returns.


Stirgi pay is a recharge, billing and booking portal by which you can do mobile recharge, bill payments, card payments, hotel booking, travel booking, taxi booking etc. and earn.

Product & Services Earning up to(%)

Mobile recharge

Mobile bill payments

Bus ticket booking

Flight ticket booking

Hotel booking

Travel packages

Taxi services

These earning are on the final net amount payable.


STIRGI health card is a discount card service to provide discount in hospitals, diagnostics, pathology, pharmacy, locally to you at following rates:

Services Earning up to(%)

Hospital (OPD/IPD)

Diagnostics lab

Beauty/spa/gym/aesthetic services etc.


Health care services

Private clinics

The discount are not given by stirgi they are solely given by the respected vendors/service providers (hospital/clinics/diagnostics/pathology/spa/gym/pharmacy/beauty parlour/health centre etc.).