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The story of STIRGI, is not only STIRGI's story it is of every individual who plans to be an enterpreneur but drops it, of lack of funds or support anything what he/she needed in starting. In the real world there are great minds with great ideas but just don't have the relation or source which can bring his/her idea to reality.

If somehow one gets an investor the terms and conditions which some investors put are so non-negotiating that most individuals drops the idea of being an enterpreneur.

Also normally people are paying much high for the product which can be procured at much less price and mainly they are not getting the quality for which they are paying for.

Together the below needs give birth to STIRGI
1) To give new enterpreneur a platform where they can be part of the on going or upcoming projects or come up with totally different but very new ideas.
2) To provide people with high quality product at the best price possible.