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All businesses incur capital costs when buying or creating assets. These include plant, equipment, brands and knowledge. Spending money on capital assets is called investment. Although this is not essential expenditure in the short term, it is vital for long-term success. If a firm fails to invest then its products could become out-of-date or it may lose business to competitors that can deliver goods and services more efficiently.

Investment also helps grow the economy because it creates economic activity, such as the buying and selling of goods and services and employing people. Employed people get paid and either save, invest, or spend their money. If they spend their money, businesses make more profits. Businesses can then reinvest the profits in further business activities that expand the economy.

Stirgi is an referal business in which manufacturer Like all other Stirgi is not different than a traditional business requiring manufacturing and selling and further investment is all in continous requirement.

There are three broad motives for capital investment:

  • Renewal of assets
  • Acquisition of additional assets to expand the business and increase output
  • innovation to reduce costs and/or to create new value.

At stirgi there are different projects going on at the same time details of which can be have from the HO Stirgi.

Stirgi endevours and welcomes all investors who studies our projects and after a detailed talks doubts clearing negotiations etc. feels good to invest in the project with agreeing to our prime term of investment i.e. Any investment made is taken made only for a maximum time term of 6(six) years and/or profit of three times the invested amount whichever is earlier and no company share etc will be given to anyone as security for investment and regarding this no calls etc will be entertained as Stirgi is a peoples company, which works only for the principal partner with the principal partners. Also STIRGI at any instance is not promising anyone for profits or returns of their respective investment as investment is a matter of risk and please clear your doubts before doing investments.

List of projects requiring investments :

  • Men's apparels
  • Women's apparels
  • Ladies beauty Salons/parlours/studios
  • Organic agricultural produce
  • Organic Manure
  • Organic dairy produce
  • and more adding on in the list while working with enterpreneurs an principal partners.