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Is stirgi a mlm or scheme ?

No, stirgi is not an mlm or scheme it is purely a traditional business but is working in different format.

Also every individual referred in are legal partners of the company. Every partner is responsible for integrity of the company and products and services.

what is stirgi believe ?
stirgi only believes in teamwork, honesty,transparency and commitment.

what is stirgi objective ?
stirgi's only objective is provide a platform to everyone who wants to be an enterpreneur & as per stirgi an enterpreneur is only that individual who innovates new but is also an individual who works in the traditional way makes good living of it and achieves the prime target of self dependency,standard living and security for individual's family or loveones.

why compensation plan ?
compensation plan is being generated to pay principal partner on who's referral stirgi product or service is purchased or utilised by the referred individual as principal partner's share in the particular product or service.

Why product purchase for partnership ?
"There is no free lunch" Partnering in any company cost's you and at stirgi it cost nothing and product you purchase is meant to be utilised and promoted.

what will a partner gets after paying for partnership and working in company ?

  • Recognition and Appreciation
  • Exponential Business and Personal Growth
  • Avoid starting life in Debt
  • Work for the lifetime
  • Inflation FREE Earnings
  • freedom to work from anywhere
  • opportunity to Build your dream, not someone else's
  • interaction with Like Minded People
  • Job Security
  • opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other people
  • opportunity to Double income yearly
  • Lifestyle
  • Real Financial Freedom
  • Tax Advantages like the other businessmen
  • Wealthy retirement
  • Time for family
  • All govt. compliances done in advance
  • High quality product range

What is principal partner role in stirgi ?
Principal Partner plays a key role in the organisaton. It helps in

  • new product innovation
  • new services innovation
  • exploring new markets
  • promoting products
  • setting quality and sales target
  • promoting idea of self dependent and debt free lifestyle
  • referring new partners
  • referring new customers
  • Selling products
  • product and services quality enhancement

what will be the principal partner responsibilities ?

  • partner will be responsible for loss and profit of the co.
  • partner will be responsible to build its own team
  • partner will be reponsible for the growth of its team
  • partner is responsible to clarify all the details regarding the company its compensation plan its goals etc.
  • partner if required will arrange for the training or other purposes meeting time to time.

why levels ?
Different levels like ruby or diamond are made in order to create a sense of competition between partners which enhances their working capabilities and help them fulfills their goals. A leadership pool is created in which INR 30/- is deposited for every new principal partner is paid to the partner as illustrated in the compensation plan.
Is principal partner authorised to open office in its area? Yes, a principal partner is given a partner certificate after signing agreement with the company, on behalf of which partner can open office in its area.
Will stirgi compensate in the office expenditure to the partner? Yes company will compensate partner in the office and travel expenditure depending upon the product sale business of the particular partner.
Does the partner has to sell product and services? Yes, the money came from the product selling the company doesn't have any "KALP TREE" from where it will pay the partner. Every business survival is based on the sales whether its products or service sales, selling is must as it generates revenue to the company and partner is compensated as per the sale he/she does with their respective team members. If a partner is afraid of sales or thinks of free income please spare us and join an mlm ponzi scheme, as here he/she will be paid on work.

why two compensation plans ?
The main compensation plan is the Stirgi unique partner compensation plan in which the you will find the referral income is just negligible the whole target is given on bulding a team partnering with which a partner sells the products and services.

Why binary plan ?
Binary plan is a tool of creating TEAM of like minded individuals team at pace.

Teams don't work well without teamwork! Teamwork is important for the success of all businesses. To have a meaningful and lifelong career, you need to work well with others which is why teamwork is so important in the professional world.

Creates synergy - where the sum is greater than the parts.Teamwork promotes workplace
Synergy Mutual support shared goals, cooperation and encouragement provide workplace synergy. With this, team members are able to feel a greater sense of accomplishment, are collectively responsible for outcomes achieved and feed individuals with the incentive to perform at higher levels.
It's supportive - Supports a more empowered way of working, removing constraints which may prevent someone doing their job properly.
Promotes flatter and leaner structures, with less hierarchy.
Encourages multi - disciplinary work where teams cut across organizational divides.
Fosters flexibility and responsiveness, especially the ability to respond to change.
Pleases customers who like working with good teams (sometimes the customer may be part of the team).
Promotes the sense of achievement, equity and camaraderie(comradship). When managed properly, teamwork is a better way to work!
It brings new ideas.
Teamwork helps solve problems.
Teamwork builds morale.
Teamwork motivates unity - A teamwork promotes an atmosphere that fosters friendship and loyalty.These close-knit relationships motivate employees in parallel to work harder, cooperate and be supportive of one another.
Teamwork offers differing perspectives and feedback - Good teamwork structures provide your organization with a diversity of thought, creativity, perspectives, opportunities, and problem-solving approaches. A proper team environment allows individuals to brainstorm collectively, which in turn increases their success to problem solve and arrive at solutions more efficiently and effectively.
Teamwork provides improved efficiency and productivity - When incorporating teamwork strategies, you become more efficient and productive. This is because it allows the workload to be shared, reducing the pressure on individuals, and ensure tasks are completed within a set time frame. It also allows goals to be more attainable,enhances the optimization of performance, improves job satisfaction and increases work pace.
Teamwork provides great learning opportunities - Working in a team enables us to learn from one another’s mistakes. You are able to avoid future errors, gain insight from differing perspectives, and learn new concepts from more experienced colleagues.In addition, individuals can expand their skill sets, discover fresh ideas from newer colleagues and there fore ascertain more effective approaches and solutions towards the tasks at hand. This active engagement generates the future articulation, encouragement and innovative capacity to problem solve and generate ideas more effectively and efficiently.
Teamwork creates an environment of fellowship, trust, support, respect, and cooperation.
"Without the ability to effectively work in a team environment, you could delay the success of developing, formulating and implementing new and innovative ideas. The ability to problem solve is reduced, as well as the attainment of meeting goals and objectives, in turn, limiting the efficiency and effectiveness of growing a successful company is hindered. The synergy of individuals is a powerful and strong instrument; don’t be fooled by the idea that working alone brings glory. Working alone may help your ego sometimes, however, will not necessarily make you a regular winner!"
Is the product selling bounded to between partners? No principal partner is authorised to use products and sell the entire range of products any where even in the traditional market and the bill will be generated on the purchaser name by the company as on the rates prescribed by the partner and will be counted as the sale of the partner.
Comapny is paying less and making huge? No Stirgi is just a platform making business ease for new aspiring individuals and is just taking very little as compenstion or brokerage for providing support of every kind possible to the new enterpreneurs in fulfilling their dreams and reaching goals. Maximum amount of profit is being given in form of different services, compensation and other means to the partner. Only a single figure profit is left to stirgi for services and management.
Company's owner are big Businessmen? No the company's owner is a simple living high thinking cab driver and house wife respectively. They previously were financially sound but one such scheme which they invested in faith of a dear friend ruined them they lost all their savings. This make the owner think of such a platform where everything is clear transparent. This 9 years of time to create such a system which is 100% legal and gives every one equal chance to grow.
Is this company being incorporated to make owner rich? NO, the owners are not taking any profit share for themselves as director of the company. They are too working as a principal partner of the company and are being compensated as per plan as the other principal partners are being compensated. Stirgi is a system a platform in which every team member is owner.

Who is eligible to be a principal partner ? Any such individual who has fire inside, honest, ready to work as part of the team, commited hard working, dreamer, innovative, a leader, is a principal partner.

Is stirgi responsible for the promises or saying done by any of principal partner? NO, stirgi is not responsible to anyone for wrong promise and wrong saying done by the principal partner for selling any of the products or referring anyone as partner to the company.

If stirgi finds anyone invoved in making wrong promises or saying to anyone on behalf of stirgi will have to face stringent action including dissolving of the partnership with partner and all its family member if found to be also principal in the company and police case and will have to return all the funds what so ever the partner and its family has got from the company in form of compensation etc. from the date of signing of the partnership agree -ment.

What about product delivery ? Stirgi is working on the aspect of door step delivery of the products and will soon be done.

Products/services/projects ? will be displayed in their respective section on the site.

What is PV ? PV means the POINT VALUE a product carries with it used as tool to share profit with partners. Click Enquiry